Hotel Montefiore - Riccione
Riccione hotel with parking

We are a hotel with parking in Riccione, also traveling with your car you can leave in our small car park that will welcome you right after your arrival in our facility. In our Riccione car park there is a well-groomed kitchen where you can choose every day between two first and two seconds and once a week a fish dish prepared with traditional recipes. The kitchen is the typical romagnola in the hotel with parking in Riccione, you can continue your holiday on foot or by bicycle after you have parked your car in our small car park. We are very close to the beach, with a quick walk from our hotel with parking in Riccione you will get in a few minutes to the sandy beach. We are also a pet friendly hotel in Riccione that admits the animals, you can let them travel with you and pamper them as you would at home with all the amenities they need. We are a family guesthouse in Riccione that also welcomes your loved ones and makes you experience a full experience in the city of Riccione in the hotel with parking in Riccione. Our Riccione car park is pleased to accommodate all those who love the tradition combined with the taste and modernity of the freshest ingredients of our territory. Moreover, the hotel with parking in Riccione has a TV room to make friends with other guests of our facility or enjoy the cool evening in our outdoor space. Come and visit us and take advantage of our cheap rates.